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Milkbar Pure Freedom Portable Breast Pump | SINGLE


The Milkbar Pure Freedom Electric Breast Pump is the perfect choice for mothers looking to express their breast milk quickly, gently and with ease.

Our pump uses a unique 3-Phase Expression™ technology that can help you express your breast milk in less time than any other conventional pumps available. In addition, our pump is incredibly portable, rechargeable and made from high quality materials you can trust - so you know that it's safe for you and your baby.

For added convenience, the Milkbar Pump also comes with a free storage magnet and nipple sizing card so you can ensure your nipples are correctly sized throughout your breastfeeding journey. Our pump is specifically designed to help maintain and even increase milk supply - perfect for pumping on the go!

The Milkbar Pure Freedom Electric Breast Pump not only has an ultra-long life battery but also offers a unique massage mode to stimulate letdown before each expression session - making it one of the most effective pumps on the market.

Our design also allows for adjustable settings depending on comfort level, suction control and speed - giving you complete control over your pumping experience. The anti-backflow system ensures maximum hygiene during use, while its intuitive design makes this product simple to use and clean up afterwards.

Because of its compact size and light weight construction this pump is easy to fit in a nappy bag and take to pump on the go.

So if you're looking for a fast, gentle and compact electric breast pump that has a long lasting battery life and is made from safe materials you can trust then look no further than Milkbar’s Pure Freedom Electric Breast Pump!

We know making the right choice of breast pump when starting out as a new mother is an important decision - which is why we want to let real mothers do the talking! Check out our reviews below or take a look at our case studies to learn more about how other moms have enjoyed success with our electric breast pumps.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kayla Absolum
Game changer

This amazing portable breast pump is a major game changer! I love that I can pump for time away from my son well still playing with him and giving him my full attention ❤️ highly recommend!!

Thanks Kayla! So glad that you are loving the pump

Lauren Taylor
Great, easy to use portable pump

Overall very happy, easy to use and holds the battery charge really well. Suction is good and equivalent to my milkbar double pump.

Slight improvements that could be made: suction is slower than my home Milkbar pump, takes me longer to pump on the go- prefer it to be same speed. Also, the touch buttons are super sensitive which means I constantly knock the settings with my body or freehand and have to keep adjusting them back to desired settings.

Aside from these points, I love it!

Hey Lauren!
Thanks so much for your feedback! We are always looking for ways to improve our products so it's great getting info like this from Mummas who are using our range