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Milkbar Maternity & Breastfeeding

Our Mission

At Milkbar Maternity & Breastfeeding we go above and beyond to support and inspire mums-to-be and new mums throughout their maternal and breastfeeding journey.

Milkbar Maternity & Breastfeeding

Our Goal

Is to help you nourish your baby with breast milk and support you in achieving your desired breastfeeding goals. We offer high quality, clever technology designed with logic, nature, and mothers in mind, we challenge the traditional designs, acquiring amazing results and save breastfeeding journey’s when hope was otherwise lost.


Our Vision

Is to help expectant and new mums to confidently step out of the house, ready to face the day ahead. Our carefully designed maternity & breastfeeding clothing is fun, comfortable, practical, timeless and discrete so you get great value out of every purchase.

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