Expressing: Finding the right fit for you

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Expressing: Finding the right fit for you

Just like getting the right shape and fit for your bra, you need to get the right shape and fit for your kit when expressing.

OurMilkbar Advanced Flow Breast Pumps don’t just suck the nipple back and forth like traditional pumps, instead they act in the same way that a baby’s tongue does - massage/squeeze/suck - making it completely different to any other breast pump on the market, and most importantly, highly effective.

So effective, mums find they spend less time expressing, have a much more comfortable (even pain free - I can attest to that!) pumping experience. To get this wonderful, and somewhat unheard of experience, you need to get the right fit, which we will endeavour to assist you with below.

Suction Kits

We now provide three types of suction kits, our Original Kit, All In One Kit and the latest Air Flow Kit. Each has their own unique attributes which offer a different fit and feel while working towards the same goal - ensuring you get optimal results.

Please note, each of the kits are compatible with our Advanced Flow Single and Advanced Flow Double Breast Pumps. All kits are made from BPA free plastic and silicone is 100% liquid food grade, providing you with the safest, supple materials for hygiene and comfort.  

Milkbar Advanced Flow Original Suction Kit:

Our Original Kit is the first release, this kit comes in 22mm and 25mm, and will seem familiar to traditional kits on the market, however the silicone cushion provides the layer that completes the massage/squeeze/suck motion as explained above. The original kit has been highly popular with our mamas, and is noted to provide a stronger feel of suction, due to the multi component design. 


Milkbar Advanced Flow All-In-One Suction Kit:

Our All-In-One Kit looks similar to the Original Kit, however is a duckbill design, with a simple to use (and clean) singular piece silicone cushion which has the insert, tunnel and valve all in one (making cleaning, assembly and care super easy and efficient). The All-In-One Kit comes in 21mm, 25mm and 29mm.



Milkbar Air Flow Suction Kit:

Our Air Flow Kit is a new release and provides a completely different experience in expressing. The Air Flow Kit can be used across a range of sizing, up to 29mm. It’s unique design allows you to relax while you express, reclining to a 40 degree angle without spilling! This kit expands with air, creating a zero touch massage and compression of the nipple while the pump simultaneously performs a sucking action. This is perfect for sore or tender nipples, as well as those with conditions such as raynauds or elastic nipples. We have also found mamas with nipples too small for our smallest sized kit (21mm) have had great success with this kit. 

Finding the right size for you:

When working out your required size, we recommend there to be approx. 2-4mm surrounding each side of the nipple when it sits in the tunnel, and when expressing the areola will go slightly into the pump (just as a baby would take some into their mouth when feeding from the breast). 

We understand each and every woman has different breast, nipple, areola shapes and sizes, the key here is compression of the nipple, and when finding the right fit, the nipple is what we are measuring. Keep in mind, sometimes you may find you need a different size for each breast - our breasts are more like sisters than twins - there are usually always differences!

Here you will find all of our kits available, we also have a printable measuring tool, you will also find a handy postcard size guide included in your breast pump upon purchase (although ideally working this out prior to ordering is great so you are set up and ready to go). 

If you don't have a printer available for the measuring tool - we suggest measuring across the base of the nipple after a feed or pumping session - below is an example of finding the right size kit for you:

Nipple measurement using smallest gap around nipple (2mm on either side) 

  •  Nipple: 15mm + (2mm x2) = 19mm

Nipple measurement using largest gap around nipple (4mm on either side) 

  •  Nipple: 15mm + (4mm x2) = 23mm

Recommended kit size 19-23mm = either the All-In-One Suction Kit size 21mm or the Original Suction Kit in size 22mm.

*If you are measuring during pregnancy please take the biggest size suction kit that fits within your size recommendation and be sure to measure again once you start pumping/breastfeeding. 

We understand you may have used other brands previously, however we do strongly suggest taking a look at the measuring guide as our pumps do work differently and require a different fit to others on the market. 

As always, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team here at Milkbar if you have any questions or would like further information, we are more than happy to assist x 

Are you new to expressing? Head over to our starting out guide for even more info

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Jenna Moon
Jenna Moon

January 22, 2021

Hey guys

I just purchased a pump from you guys and so far it’s going good! My nipple fits the 22mm suction kit that came with it according to the card. Just wondering if it’s normal for during the pumping the nipple swells a bit touching the sides and goes quite far into the pump? It’s not painful or anything but I’m new to pumping so just wanted to check.

Look forward to hearing back

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