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A Mother's Guide to Breastfeeding E-Book

Feeding your infant is a learned skill.

Laura J. Lucas; the author of this book:

"I wrote this book to aid mums who would like to prepare for breastfeeding their babies or are looking for helpful information to overcome certain difficulties you might face during your breastfeeding journey.

I'm an experienced mother with three young sons that I breastfed for around 1.5 years each. In nursing my children, I experienced varied challenges and breastfeeding difficulties which gave me an abundance of experience with most aspects of nursing. I wish to share this information with you in the hope that it will help you navigate your nursing journey."

The book covers in-depth knowledge of breastfeeding and is reasonably priced at just $6.99 NZD. The Starship Children's Hospital will benefit from the sale of this book by receiving donations from the proceeds for their winter appeal - "On call across Aotearoa."

A Mother's Guide to Nursing will help you to:

  • Identify breastfeeding positions that are comfortable.
  • Create a breastfeeding rhythm with your baby that is natural and encourages a good milk supply.
  • Avoid and identify mastitis and pain.
  • Express and save milk with a breast pump.
  • Move seamlessly to solid meals.
  • Find assistance with common setbacks that might come your way when nursing.

The Complete Guide to Breastfeeding Your Baby

Investigating the complex, varied, and interdisciplinary world of lactation, nursing, and breast milk. This e-book will assist you in creating the ideal biological synchrony between you and your baby, from resolving common breastfeeding issues to unclogging a blocked milk duct. One of the most amazing methods for enhancing children's health is breastfeeding, it can significantly reduce future health and illness risks for both mums and children. This e-book offers a thorough, sound review of the important subjects related to nursing and breast milk.  

It seeks to provide mothers with the knowledge necessary to succeed at breastfeeding with helpful information and support.

Breastfeeding is a learned skill that can take a bit of time and effort to get right. At times it can be challenging but this book looks at the most common issues faced and helps you through them with ease. 

"A Mother's Guide to Breastfeeding" explores the physical and psychological advantages of breastfeeding and offers you priceless practical advice that will enable you to nurse your baby in the most natural manner possible. The author draws on her years of experience with breastfeeding her three children as well as owning and running a successful breastfeeding company.

"A Mother's Guide to Breastfeeding" walks you through the important phases of your breastfeeding adventure while jam-packed with intriguing facts and easy to understand graphics. Our detailed eBook describes exactly what happens within your breasts during pregnancy, during the first few hours, and well beyond. It also explains why mother's milk is wonderful for babies, from the preterm newborn to the active toddler. We cover everything, including increasing milk production, avoiding certain foods, troubleshooting, must-have goods, tips, tactics, and more! 

Note: Please note that all of the material was created using the author's own experiences and research. The content of this eBook is suggestions from an experienced mother and business owner, none of the materials are meant to be taken as professional medical advice. This is only general information that is useful. Please contact your doctor, midwife or lactation consultant if you are unsure or if things are not improving for you and your baby.