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What to expect in your third trimester of pregnancy

4 min read

As you move into the third trimester of your pregnancy, you are probably more ready than ever to meet your baby – things can start to get quite uncomfortable at this point! 

Your due date is getting closer by the day and you might be starting to get things prepared at home for when you finally bring your little guy or girl home. 

The third trimester is both exciting and exhausting! Here are our tips for making the most of the final weeks of pregnancy. 

What to expect in the second trimester of pregnancy

3 min read

After generally feeling rubbish in the first trimester, the second trimester should – hopefully – bring some relief from any nausea and vomiting you may have experienced. You may also start to “pop” now (if you haven’t already) and you might finally announce your pregnancy to friends and family, which can be a huge relief, as it’s hard to keep such exciting news under wraps! 

Here are some hacks to make the most of your second trimester …        

What to expect in your first trimester of pregnancy

3 min read

You might have sensed that something felt a little “off”, even before taking a pregnancy test. Then those two lines appeared, and now the fun really begins! 

Every pregnancy is unique, and every woman’s body is unique. But there are a few things you can expect to feel and experience during those exciting, potentially scary yet amazing first 12 weeks. 

Here’s what you need to know...

Pregnancy, Exercise & Diet

6 min read

One of the most important things you can do to ensure a healthy pregnancy is to try to eat right and follow a maintainable pregnancy fitness regime. It is the ultimate way to keep you and your baby healthy all throughout the upcoming months.

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