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Milkbar Premium Breast Pads

If you are sick and tired of leaking through your breast pads, or are looking for that backup protection for the handbag, we are glad you have found us! Our breast pads provide comfort and protection like no other on the market. Enjoy wearing colour again! 

Here at Milkbar, we have done extensive research on what makes a really good breast pad! Two key features that continued to surface as being of importance to mums were comfort and absorbency.

There is nothing worse than a breast pad that is uncomfortable, itchy and doesn't stay in place. Or a breast pad that has low or ineffective absorbency that allows milk to escape onto your skin and clothes. (RIP your favourite top.) 

We have designed super comfortable, highly efficient and absorbent nursing pads that you are going to love and they now come in handy packs of 26.

Leak Protection - Our 3 groove design tunnels the absorption, allowing the breast pad to absorb liquid, moving slowly from the inside out giving you long-lasting protection from leaks.

High Absorption -Milkbar Breast Pads easily absorb 85+ ml of liquid.

Breathable -Stay dry and comfortable with our breathable waterproof backing.

Comfort - Break free from itchy nipples! Our nursing pads are super soft and moisture-wicking so you stay comfortable.

Shape - No more unsightly pad lines! Our breast pads are a '3D' contoured design, made to mould to your natural breast shape and sit in place with our double adhesive strips.

Coverage - Our breast pads are circular in shape to provide maximum breast coverage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews

Great absorbent pads for the early days! Not irritating like other disposable pads and didn’t stick to my nipples either.

Best disposable breast pads

Really pleased I bought these for the early postpartum. They hold a LOT of milk which was awesome cause they lasted all night, and didn’t stick to my nipples, unlike other brands. I bought another box cause they were so good. The only downside is that they are disposable. I am now 4 weeks pp and have switched to reusable ones which do stick a little to my nipples and don’t hold as much milk but that’s ok cause I don’t leak as much.

Breast pads

Great but if you have any nipple damage they will stick terribly so use paw paw cream or another ointment to protect your nipples! (From a new to feeding mum)