"Love this pump, it saved my breastfeeding journey"

- T. Orobello, Verified Customer

Time - remember when you used to have some?! It’s one thing we often just don’t seem to have enough of as a mum to a new bub!


So, here at Milkbar, we figured, let’s give mammas what they really want: more time!


Our single pumps are already renowned for being able to express more milk than other pumps, but now, we’ve stepped it up a notch with our new Double Pump, which has quickly become our Best Seller.


With the Milkbar Double Advanced Flow you get:

  • Double the pumping, in half the time
  • A comfortable, even pain-free experience
  • Pumping freedom, and full mobility
  • 1:1, human support, right here in New Zealand
  • A full, 1 year warranty included with purchase
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How It Works

Just like our single breast pump, the double offers this unique, natural feeding rhythm technology that mimics the behaviour of your baby feeding.

That means, it doesn’t just suck the nipple back and forth, but acts in the same way that a baby’s tongue does - making this breast pump completely different to any other product on the market, and most importantly, highly effective.

"I get much more milk than even the hospital machines, and so much more comfortable"

- Kathy T, Verified Customer


Transform Your Experience

The reason that our breast pumps can transform your experience with expressing milk is down to the details we’ve taken the time to consider, including:

  • Pumping freedom with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It lasts for up to 3 hours of pumping before needing to be recharged - perfect for taking on the go or to the office
  • Soft, liquid silicone breast cushion gently compresses on the breast and nipple at the same time as the pump performs a suckling action
  • Comfortable, pain-free pumping with 9 levels of strength/suction in both the stimulation and expression modes
  • An inbuilt memory system remembers your last setting when put into ‘stand-by’ mode and countdown timer allows you to keep track of your pumping time
  • A quality, hygienic and safe pump with a unique air-liquid separation bladder design (closed system) that stops any milk backflow into the pump preventing bacteria build up
  • 100% BPA free plastic and food/medical grade silicone!
  • An easy to use and clean pump that assembles and disassembles with ease
  • A digital touch screen which allows you to easily toggle through the stimulation settings and suction levels and pump in dim lighting with an easy to see LED display.

Full Details

Let's Talk Details

Comfort and Efficiency
You can now enjoy the same comfortable, effective, pain-free experience as the Milkbar Single Advanced Flow Breast Pump, just with twice the pumping functionality so you can express even more milk, in less time.

Easy to Use
Let’s face it, the less time you need to spend expressing, the better, especially if you need to express while at work, on-the-go, or throughout the night. The sleek, compact and lightweight design makes for maximum portability, and whisper quiet operation helps keep you discreet, so it’s still perfect for expressing wherever you need to be. The easy-to-use touch-screen technology also makes it super simple to operate, even in the dark.

Increase Output & Breast Milk Energy Content
Time is not the only added benefit of using a double breast pump. Studies have shown that simultaneous breast expression can actually increase the amount of milk output compared to single pumping, and also help you produce milk with higher energy content, which can be especially beneficial to pre-term babies. High energy content equals increased breast drainage, which in turn helps your body boost milk production - win! To help ensure the pump works most effectively for you, the Milkbar Double Advanced Flow Breast Pump has dual controls, meaning you can adjust the suction independently to best suit each side.

What's Included

What's in the Box?

Your kit includes everything to get you started:

  • Breast Pump Electric Unit
  • Two collection bottles, teats and storage lids
  • Two size 25mm complete suction kit sets with tubing
  • Two bottle stands
  • Two spare silicone tubes
  • Two bottle converters for use of our pump with most other brand bottles
  • Power A/C adapter/charging cable


If you require a different size breast cushion ~ you can find them for purchase in our Parts & Accessories section.

Suction Kit Size Guide

Best Fit Guide

Suction Kit Sizing Guidelines:

Sizing is important when it comes to comfort and effectiveness during pumping. The breast cushion, or flange is the piece that sits around the nipple and areola and over the breast. The nipple tunnel should be sized so that you have space surrounding your entire nipple, but not so much space that the pump cannot effectively 'squeeze' down on your nipple and areola to draw the breast milk from your ducts effectively.

While we try to provide the most 'common' sizes with the breast pumps, sometimes a different size is required.

Signs you might need a larger size:

  • You are unable to centre your nipple i.e have it inside the tunnel without it touching the sides
  • You feel your nipple is uncomfortable and rubbing against the side of the nipple tunnel during pumping
  • Your nipple is unable to move freely with the pumping motion
  • Your nipple is being strongly compressed by the 3 phase motion to a feeling of discomfort or pinching


Signs you might need a smaller size:

  • An excessive amount of your areola is being drawn into the nipple tunnel
  • You experience a painful tugging feeling
  • Your nipple is reaching the end of the nipple tunnel while pumping
  • You can hear air moving or 'sucking' inside the nipple tunnel
  • You are not experiencing compression of the nipple with the 3 phase motion


Sizing Guidelines

We recommend having 2-4mm of space surrounding your entire nipple for optimal fit. The Milkbar Advanced Flow Breast Pump comes with two size 25mm Suction Kits.

You can find your size by measuring the diameter of the base of your nipple, then adding 4-6mm to find the nearest size. If you are between sizes, it is recommended to go for the larger size.

15mm diameter base of nipple, add 4-6mm, nearest = 21mm
20mm diameter base of nipple, add 4-6mm, nearest = 25mm
23mm diameter base of nipple, add 4-6mm, nearest = 29mm

More breast milk, in less time, without the pain

Thousands of Mums are finding themselves expressing more breast milk in a decreased amount of time, using the Milkbar Advanced Flow. A little magic going on? Or finally some logical, new age technology, designed to closely mimick your babies natural feeding rhythm, allowing your body the ability to respond to expressing.


Every day we receive reviews from relieved, elated, excited, proud and grateful mothers who say that our breast pumps have completely changed their ability to express milk. We would love for you to share in their success and will be with you every step of the way.

Our Goal

Here at Milkbar Maternity & Breastfeeding our goal is to help you nourish your baby with breast milk and support you in achieving your desired breastfeeding goals.

We offer high quality, clever technology designed with logic, nature, and mothers in mind, we challenge the traditional designs, acquiring amazing results and save breastfeeding journey’s when hope was otherwise lost.