Case Study | Exclusive Pumping for 24 Months

Mum: Emma Bonser

Journey: Exclusively Expressing All Feeds

From Emma:

"I LOVE my Milkbar Breast Pump!

I originally came across the Milkbar Advanced Flow Breast Pump on a Facebook Ad when I was struggling with my previous pump, I was unable to maintain supply without also taking Motilium everyday. My daughter is exclusively fed expressed breastmilk, but I haven’t had any problems with supply using this pump, even now 21 months in!

I struggled with my old pump, it was uncomfortable, I suffered friction burns and I often had to hand massage while using it too. My Milkbar Pump is far more effective at pumping my milk and I don’t have to give myself a helping hand anymore. I got the pumping bra too so now I can just sit back and watch TV while the Pump does it’s thing.

Even though I'm exclusively pumping I’ve managed to build quite a substantial milk stash too, so much so that my freezer has no room for anything else. The Silicone flange is far more comfortable and the battery life is amazing allowing me to travel from Sydney to London without needing to recharge it."

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