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How To Help Increase Your Breast Milk Supply

2 min read

How To Help Increase Your Breast Milk Supply

I'm sure there aren't many of us that didn't question or doubt our supply of breast milk at some point during our breastfeeding journey. As supply regulates and our breasts are no longer engorged or feeling as full at times, it can cross the mind as to whether we are still producing enough breast milk.
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So how do we know if our supply is truly low?

A great indicator is your baby's weight gain, but as baby gets older the weigh ins become less often so here are some other signs of a good milk supply:

  • Contentment after feeding from the breast
  • Good heavy wet nappies and frequent dirty nappies too
  • Hearing baby swallowing while feeding and other signs of milk transfer like milk spilling out of their mouth when they come off the breast.
The question is - once we've identified a drop in supply - how do we go about increasing our supply back to what our baby needs?

What can I do if I suspect my milk supply is low?

Breastfeeding and supply requires a holistic approach including ensuring baby is feeding and latching correctly and frequently, hydration, mother's wellness and diet. Lactation Cookies alongside Pumping are an amazing way to help boost supply fast.

To take out the guess work I have put together a free PDF download with some top tips that I personally found useful if I was feeling a little 'empty' - these have been tried and found useful by other mums too!. I hope there are a few wee gems in there for you. Click below to get your copy!

How to Increase Your Milk Supply

We believe that with help to get the correct feeding technique with your baby, and the use of our Milkbar Breast Pump - that actually mimics your baby’s feeding rhythm - supply issues can be a thing of the past for all mothers, and we have seen it proven time and time again with Milkbar.

Where do I learn more about the Milkbar Breast Pump? 

You can find all the information here! We are also on hand to answer any questions you have - Simply drop us a message or email here, or give us a call Monday - Friday on 07-9749347 for a free breast pump consultation with one of our friendly specialists!

If you want to find some more support and other mums to bounce ideas, advice, laughs and questions around with - come join us in  Milkbar Mum Chat on Facebook!
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