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Milkbar Air Flow Suction Kit

    Introducing our new suction kits!

    The soft 100% food grade silicone breast cushion is the most comfortable and advanced cushion on the market. The soft silicone cushion is designed to increase breast milk out-put, mimicking a babies suckle.

      Its unique design allows you to relax while you pump, reclining to a 40 degree angle without spilling breast milk. 

        Our breast pump expands with air, creating a zero touch massage and compression of the nipple while the pump simultaneously performs a sucking action. Perfect for sore or tender nipples.

        • Pain free, zero touch nipple massage thanks to our air expansion technology
        • Pump laying at a 40 degree angle or even lying on your side
        • Upright design to prevent topple

          These kits are compatible with our Advanced Flow and Premium Care breast Electric pumps.

          * This kit is not compatible with our Milkbar Pure Freedom Pumps or Advanced Flow Manual Pump

          *Bottle and tubing not included
          Please note these kits are sold singularly - if you have a double pump you will need to purchase 2x kits to make a set. 

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          Customer Reviews

          Based on 18 reviews
          Ashleigh Muir
          Pain free pumping

          I decided to try this kit after having damaged nipples and I’m so glad I did. It’s much more comfortable than the regular kit and a lot less bulky.

          Can pump during naps

          I bought 2 of these to use with the double pump as I found the original kit really uncomfortable (I always have sore nipples) and couldn’t stand double pumping and hated having to sit so upright.
          I dreaded pumping before but with the airflow kit I don’t mind at all.
          I attach both pumps and wedge it under my bra and then Lean back and go to sleep. I get the same amount of milk with this kit as the original kit however I had never been able to pump much as have low supply. Hopefully I will be able to increase my supply now that I don’t hate pumping
          Really glad I bought these.

          Tyler Mclean

          My bub is 16 days old and breastfeeding is new and painful, he only feeds on 1 side first thing in the morning as I think I have quite a bit of milk, I've used the air flow flange every morning so far and I've had no pain using it and this morning I got 120ml! Very impressed

          Sian D
          Love it

          I find the airflow kit really comfortable to use, much more comfortable than the traditional kit. Initially I was having to express after every feed, and once I changed to the airflow kit I didn’t have any more sore nipples.
          I still get as much milk, and find pumping a relaxing experience.
          A bit disappointed in how fiddily it is to use with the pumping bra, all of the material doesn’t quite fit around it.
          But apart from that love it!

          Even better than the original

          I loved the original advanced flow suction kit on my double pump, but as my wee boy was a bit premature (35 weeks) and unable to latch for ages, pumping every three hours could get a bit "pinchy"!
          The air flow suction kit is great, in that it doesn't seem to pinch, is really comfortable, and doesn't leak like the hospital Medela pump did. The best part is that it is way easier to pick up and hold my baby if he gets upset mid-pump, as the profile of the kit is much flatter and it is easier to manoeuvre him close to my chest for a cuddle.
          I don't find the extra couple of pieces (7 vs 5 in the advanced flow) any trouble, the kit fits into my pumping bra just fine, and I get the same amount of milk as I do from the advanced flow kit.
          I didn't click that the price was for only one kit in my sleep-deprived state, but will still be ordering a second one even though it is a bit more pricy than the original version.
          Milkbar support was also really great when I e-mailed them with a bunch of questions about the product, getting back to me quickly with answers and being super friendly too.
          Super happy with the decision to try the air flow kit out!