What to expect in the second trimester of pregnancy

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What to expect in the second trimester of pregnancy

After generally feeling rubbish in the first trimester, the second trimester should – hopefully – bring some relief from any nausea and vomiting you may have experienced. You may also start to “pop” now (if you haven’t already) and you might finally announce your pregnancy to friends and family, which can be a huge relief, as it’s hard to keep such exciting news under wraps! 

Here are some hacks to make the most of your second trimester …                    

Yummy mummy

After getting up close and personal with your toilet bowl during the first trimester, you may now be able to stomach something other than plain toast and chips, so it’s time to start embracing real food again! Try to balance the tubs of ice cream you consume (“for the baby”) with plenty of fruit and veggies. It’s important to keep your fibre intake up during this time as constipation is a common and not particularly glamorous curse of pregnancy. Your Lead Maternity Carer (LMC) will no doubt have explained the pregnancy food safety guidelines to you, but if you’re craving something off-limits, it can be a good opportunity to be experimental in the kitchen by whipping some sushi up yourself, or, preferably, putting your partner to work in the kitchen! 

Study up | Second trimester of pregnancy tips | Milkbar New Zealand

Study up

Since day dot of your pregnancy, you probably began obsessively Googling pregnancy updates, and there is definitely no shortage of information available. Pregnancy apps and pregnancy-related websites love a good fruit or vegetable analogy and - not going to lie – it can be super fun to keep track of your wee bubba as it grows from blueberry to watermelon. Pregnancy apps also provide useful advice on diet and exercise, and let you know what you can expect to feel and experience as the weeks pass. Podcasts are another fantastic digital resource for mamas-to-be – there are so many available online that you’re bound to find something you click with. These resources can all supplement the info your LMC has provided you with.  

Comfort is key

Here is a hot tip – any seasoned parent will tell you that one of the things they miss the most about their life pre-babies, was the fact that they could take naps whenever they wanted. Pregnancy fatigue is real, and you need to rest up as growing a baby is hard work! To become a napping pro, think about getting yourself a pregnancy pillow – these are truly a gift from the gods as they are so big and soft you can wrap yourselves up in them and not worry about rolling onto your stomach or back as you sleep (which isn’t recommended for safety reasons). 

Mind the bump

Every woman is different – some women begin to “show” early on in their pregnancy, but the second trimester is a great time to get some proper maternity gear that flatters your changing shape. If you’re working, finding clothing that is appropriate for work but still cool and comfy can be a struggle, but – don’t fret – you can check out our range of Milkbar Maternity clothing to get you started!  

If you’ve been-there-done-that with pregnancy, what other advice would you give to first-time mums? Share your pointers in the comments section below.

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