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Breast Pump Bra | Pink


Want to be even more mobile and hands-free while using your breast pump?

When the Milkbar portable pump and hands-free bra combination you can pump while playing with your little one, on the go in the car, discreetly at work or even relaxing with a mag on the couch. Our breast pump bra comes in four cute and versatile colours to suit most tops and is totally adjustable to get that perfect fit. 

Working mums rejoice! Now you can keep on top of your emails, tasks and duties while doing double duty pumping milk. Never fret over lost time again in order to keep your milk stash healthy and stocked up. 


Instructions for Use:

Size your bra to your comfortable fit at the back prior to use. The breast pumping bra should sit firm but not tight and your nipples should align with the insert openings.

Take the hands-free bra around your body, leaving the back velcro in the optimal place for you.

Pop the suction kit through the inserts and align your nipple in the centre of the breast cushion.

Zip the breast pump bra up at the front and double-check the alignment of your nipples in the tunnel - they should not touch the sides prior to use.

You are ready to pump - sit back and relax Muma!

Find your size with our size chart.

This breast pump bra is compatible for use with most breast pump brands.

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
A must have!

Makes pumping so much easier. an absoloute must have!

Extremely Helpful

I had bad carpal tunnel during my pregnancy and it still hasn’t cleared up (baby is 5 weeks old), so having to hold my breast pump was too hard on my hands. The bra means I don’t have to do that. I also love that it’s adjustable front and back!

Lauren H
Milkbar pumping bra 2XL

Awesome adjustable pumping bra, stretchy cups to fit removable flanges - such as meleda personal fit flexi- and to stretch around pumping kits which are all-in-one - unimom/philips avent. I'm a 20DD and have the shoulder straps fully extended- rides a little high at the back (wish these straps could come in a longer length) but you can wear it firmer without using the straps - the are removable- if that's better for you and your pump. Love the soft pink, makes me feel feminine and not just a milk maker

Must get for a pumping mama

Absolutely love this bra! I wear every single time for my pumps. Adjustable sizing makes it really easy for comfortable fit. I would suggest for longer straps as I do hang quite low. I got pink but would suggest black as I have already collected a multitude of different stains ha! Love this and would purchase again.

Paris Booker

As a new mum to a 8 week baby, who is exclusive pumping this bra was a game changer! Fits my hospital grade pump for a hands free experience. Affordable price. I’m a 16G so the sizing was really good! The only tips I’d give is the adjustable straps could be longer as the bra sits very high up my back but still holds the pump in place and feels comfortable but would of loved the bra to sit a bit better, will be getting another one sometime soon