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Breast Pump Bra | Black


If you want to be even more mobile and hands free while using your Milkbar breast pump, then you need to get yourself a breast pumping bra. Available in;

When the Milkbar portable pump and hands free expressing bra combine you can pump while playing with your little one, on the go in the car, discretely at work or even relaxing with a mag on the couch.

Instructions for Use:

  • Size your bra to your comfortable fit at the back prior to use. Bra should sit firm but not tight and your nipples should align with the insert openings.
  • Take the bra around your body, leaving the back velcro in the optimal place for you.
  • Pop the suction kit through the inserts and align your nipple in the centre of the breast cushion.
  • Zip the bra up at the front and double check alignment of your nipples in the tunnel - they should not touch the sides prior to use.
  • You are ready to pump - sit back and relax mumma!

Find your size with our size chart.

Compatible for use with most breast pump brands.

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews

The bra serves it purpose of being able to pump hands-free however as an overall bra it's very uncomfortable & the material and grooves in the bra are harsh on tender breasts & nipples.

Chanélle De Lange
Overall I love it

Can improve on comfortability. Scratchy on your skin at zip area.

April L.R.

So versatile, you can adjust it soo much to fit any size chest and my ever changing boob size! Comes with an extra panel also for more size variations. Brilliant! Easy to zip on and off and holds the pump bottles on well so my hands are free to do something else.

Joyce Metias
Such a wonderful help!

I love my black breast pump bra from Milkbar! It is very comfortable. The velcro straps are attaching tightly and can be adjusted to your fit. It helps me pump hands-free, making my breastfeeding experience a lot easier.

Love your feedback - thanks so much and glad to hear it has simplified your pumping experience!

Would buy again!

This bra is a game changer, so pleased I bought it.

Yay great to hear! Thanks for the great review x