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Milkbar Air Flow Suction Kit

    Introducing our new suction kits!

    The soft 100% food grade silicone breast cushion is the most comfortable and advanced cushion on the market. The soft silicone cushion is designed to increase breast milk out-put, mimicking a babies suckle.

      Its unique design allows you to relax while you pump, reclining to a 40 degree angle without spilling breast milk. 

        Our breast pump expands with air, creating a zero touch massage and compression of the nipple while the pump simultaneously performs a sucking action. Perfect for sore or tender nipples.

        • Pain free, zero touch nipple massage thanks to our air expansion technology
        • Pump laying at a 40 degree angle or even lying on your side
        • Upright design to prevent topple

          These kits are compatible with our Advanced Flow and Premium Care breast Electric pumps.

          * This kit is not compatible with our Milkbar Pure Freedom Pumps or Advanced Flow Manual Pump

          *Bottle and tubing not included
          Please note these kits are sold singularly - if you have a double pump you will need to purchase 2x kits to make a set. 

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          Customer Reviews

          Based on 18 reviews
          Ashleigh Muir
          Pain free pumping

          I decided to try this kit after having damaged nipples and I’m so glad I did. It’s much more comfortable than the regular kit and a lot less bulky.

          Can pump during naps

          I bought 2 of these to use with the double pump as I found the original kit really uncomfortable (I always have sore nipples) and couldn’t stand double pumping and hated having to sit so upright.
          I dreaded pumping before but with the airflow kit I don’t mind at all.
          I attach both pumps and wedge it under my bra and then Lean back and go to sleep. I get the same amount of milk with this kit as the original kit however I had never been able to pump much as have low supply. Hopefully I will be able to increase my supply now that I don’t hate pumping
          Really glad I bought these.

          Tyler Mclean

          My bub is 16 days old and breastfeeding is new and painful, he only feeds on 1 side first thing in the morning as I think I have quite a bit of milk, I've used the air flow flange every morning so far and I've had no pain using it and this morning I got 120ml! Very impressed