Meet Laura The Mama Behind Milkbar

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Meet Laura The Mama Behind Milkbar

Hello Milkbar Mumas!

I’m Laura, Director of Milkbar, fiancé to Todd and mama to Billy & Taylor! I absolutely LOVE the outdoors, surfing, animals, fitness, style, family & friends (to name a few!). I have a passion for life & for living non-stop.

Life highlights would have to be achieving black belt in martial arts, placing first in a national police surf competition, qualifying as a detective and of course the most satisfying to date, having the most amazing relationship and becoming a mama to my gorgeous boys Billy and Tay!

I recently left my role as a Detective for NZ Police in 2018 to really establish Milkbar, and needed to throw myself 'all in'. I was a Police Woman for nine years, starting as a frontline officer at 21 years old and qualifying as a Detective at Police College when I was 38 weeks pregnant with Billy! I loved my role in the NZ Police, specialising in Child Protection, Search and Rescue and Disaster Victim Identification.

Becoming a mum is where the inspiration for Milkbar began. Finding bump and breastfeeding friendly clothing that was stylish, practical and affordable was hard, which made getting out and about with confidence very time consuming.

Expressing and storing breast milk was a nightmare and I dreaded getting out my noisy pump, and being tethered to the wall, all to express a few teaspoons of milk.

I absolutely love breastfeeding and have made it my mission to make it enjoyable, stress free and easier for all mums. Basically, I knew there had to be better, and I was going to make it happen.

Through a hugely intensive phase of research, sourcing and design I established Milkbar in the great hopes that other Mums would find us, trust us and enjoy us as much as I have enjoyed bringing Milkbar to life. Starting a business has proven to be a tonne of learning, fun, stress - and huge satisfaction when I hear the phenomenal feedback from you, our customers, about how we have helped you enjoy & continue your breastfeeding journey.

I literally get teary eyed sometimes reading your reviews. Let’s face it.. it isn’t always easy – I know this first hand, and to know what we have bought to you, has made a difference, whether small or massive – is so amazing!

My goal now is to bring you all quality, style, functionality, affordability, knowledge and no regrets or what if’s. Pregnancy and breastfeeding can be complicated, much like our little humans – but I’m keen to help you give it all you want to give it and help you look and feel stunning while doing it ❤️

Xx Laura.

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