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Manual Silicone Breast Pump With Leak Proof Lid and Carry Bag

A convenient and portable breast pump made from durable silicone now comes with gorgeous cotton carry bag and a handy leak proof silicone lid to set your mind at ease!

110ml capacity

Hands Free – Time Saving – No Waste

Milkbar's manual breast pump works by attaching itself to the breast using its own natural suction. This allows you to nurse on one breast, while simultaneously collecting let down on the other breast, saving you time. Best of all it's hands free, allowing you the option to multitask while collecting every drop of what would otherwise be wasted.

Effortless - Convenient – Portable - Durable

No cords, no wires, no batteries, and no electric parts, just 100% durable food grade silicone that is super strong and compact. Fits easily into a handbag and is super light, making it super easy to take anywhere.

Comfortable - Quiet – Produces Results
The soft silicone is extremely comfortable, painless and relaxing to use. There is no motor or moving parts, using this pump is completely silent. The natural breast feeding environment that this pump imitates by being comfortable, relaxing and quiet means that you are able to express and collect more milk.
100% Safe - BPA Free – PVC Free - Eco Friendly

NO BPA, NO PVA, NO phthalate materials used. Just 100% eco friendly food grade silicone. No contact with harsh chemicals means your milk remains natural, making it safe for, you, your baby and the environment.

Warranty Guaranteed
We here at Milkbar take extreme pride in the quality of our products and customer service. We stand by our brand 100%. If the product is in anyway faulty, or does not live up to your expectations we offer a full money back guarantee. haaka

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Esther Bryant-Lindsay

Very happy with my silicone Breast Pump. Super easy to use and arrived very quickly.

Holly Tunstall
Silicone breast pump review

I love it. First time mum and I find this suctions on to my breast really easily and captures plenty of milk as a result. Comfy and easy to use.

Super easy!

As a first time mum who never really thought about pumping, it seemed really intimidating. This pump is super easy to use and clean and works well for collecting a bit of a freezer stash. It is much easier than I expected, I thought it would take a bit of learning, but you literally just chuck it on and it works!
I was adamant I wouldn’t buy from another popular NZ brand that has a history of ignoring indigenous concerns, so I’m glad to have found Milkbar

Joleen Lunjew
Excellent portable pump

I have the Milkbar double electronic pump which i do love as a pump before I got this. Haven't been using the pump as much lately as I'm finding this more convenient. I'm collecting as much through my let down or hand expressing compared with the pump. When I'm away from bubs, I pop this on my boob on the drive home and when I reach home, there's a bottle ready for bubs! I can collect from 50-90ml each time. Super handy as it has no wires, no pump bra to put on and so easy to clean.

A must have item!

I am in love with this pump. I have a hospital grade electric pump, but use this instead as it’s hands free, quiet and isn’t at all uncomfortable on my nipples like the electric pump. I easily get enough milk for my husband to do the night feed and to freeze a serve to stockpile, which is enough for me. I also have a very fast let down which exasperates my babies reflux. These pumps are perfect to express for couple of minutes before feeding to avoid this. They are so easy to clean and sterilise without tiny parts and very easy to use. I would definitely recommend this item!