Tips for a Great Start to the Week!

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Tips for a Great Start to the Week!

✨Fresh Monday Vibes!

Monday's can be tough if hubby or wife are headed back to work for the week! Here are a few tips to start your week off right and vibe your way through!

☕ Get Friendly With Coffee - You deserve that goodness, sleep deprivation is real!

📝 Plan Your Week Ahead - Meals, Play Dates with other Mums  and Babies, Swimming etc, find things to plan to look forward to each day and feel fresh and prepared.

🤗 Take Time For Yourself - A lesson, haircut, massage, walk, manicure, whatever fills your cup, lock it in mama. 

✨ Write An Affirmation For The Week - You've got This Mama!

🥑 Eat A Nice Breakfast - fueling your body right will help those energy levels when most needed, plus the right foods will help you grow your little baby when pregnant, and produce breast milk to feed your baby once they are in your arms.

🎶 Create A 'Monday' Playlist - fire it up in the morning and see how much it can shift a mood after a broken nights sleep, you'll be dancing like no-one is watching in no time!

👗 Put On A Pretty Frock Or Outfit You Love And Rock It! - Although mum life definitely calls for lounge wear and pj's all day - its amazing to feel confident, happy and fun in what you wear too, and gives you even more of an excuse to get out of the house! Check out a few of our new releases here for some style inspo! 

Do you have any Monday rituals you swear by to get you into the new week on top of your mum game?

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