Milkbar Single Electric Breast Pump

Milkbar Single Electric Breast Pump


Are you....

- Looking to invest in a quality Breast Pump?

- Struggling to build or maintain breast milk supply?

- Tired of pumping around the clock and getting minimal breast milk output?

- Experiencing pain, discomfort, or even nipple injury with your current breast pump?

- Needing to build up a supply of breast milk for when you return to work or need to be away from your baby?

- Exclusively pumping?

- On the hunt for a quiet, portable and efficient Breast Pump with easy care and easy to use features?


You need the Breast Pump that has revolutionized how Mothers express breast milk using new, logical, natural feeding rhythm mimicking technology.


With the Milkbar Advanced Flow Breast Pump you get:


  • Pumping freedom with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that Lasts for 3+ hours of pumping before needing to be recharged. 


  • Faster expressing and increased milk production. The soft, 100% food grade liquid silicone breast cushion gently compresses on the breast and nipple at the same time as the pump performs a suckling action. This closely resembles a baby's natural feeding action resulting in overall faster pumping and more milk production.


  • Comfortable, pain free pumping with 9 levels of strength/suction in both the Stimulation and Expression modes.


  • No guess work. The inbuilt memory system remembers your last setting when put into ‘stand-by’ mode to switch sides and countdown timer allows you to keep track of your pumping time.


  • A quality, hygienic and safe pump with a unique air-liquid separation bladder design (closed system) that stops any milk back flow into the pump preventing bacteria build up. + 100% BPA free plastic and food/medical grade silicone!


  • An easy to use and clean pump with that assembles and disasembles with ease


  • A digital touch screen which allows you to easily toggle through the stimulation settings and suction levels and pump in dim lighting with an easy to see LED display.


  • An included bottle, slow flow teat, pump foot stand, replacement valve and tubing and bottle adapter (making the pump compatible with most wide and narrowneck bottles).


  • A full cover one year warranty and easy, human, 1:1 customer care and advice. 


  • NZ owned and operated, trialed and loved by NZ Mums.


Join these Milkbar Mumas in the #goodpumplife, using the revolutionary pumping technology of the Milkbar Advanced Flow Breast Pump:


"Absolutely love my milkbar pump, I now get 125ml in 15minutes, I'm enjoying it so much I now prefer to express for my 4 week old rather than breastfeed as this way I know how much milk she's getting and it's so easy! And love that I can charge it up then take it with me will be very handy when I go back to work, will recommend to everyone wanting to purchase a pump!"

- Ellyse Burbage, NZ


"I have been using the Milkbar Single Electric breast pump for 3 months now, I had low supply to start with and I pumped after every feed to try and increase my supply I started off getting 30-50mls after a feed from each side now I can easily get 100mls after a feed. This pump is so easy to use its great that you don’t have to be connected to the power supply. Its painless and very comfortable to use. I have used a few different pumps previously with my first child but never with the results that I am getting now, I can’t believe how much milk I am getting and I only need to pump for 10 minutes. I have also been using the Milkbar silicone breast pump this has been amazing to use to collect the letdown, don’t want to waste any milk. When researching pumps I struggled with which one to get but I am so glad I have gone with the Milkbar brand it really has made a huge difference. "

- Laura Findlay, NZ


Hi again!!
Would just like to let you know how I have got on with the pump. Firstly wow so happy that I took the jump and ordered the pump it is so much more comfortable to use than the pump that I was using. I received the pump on Tuesday and started using it from the moment I got it. With my previous pump I was lucky to get 80mls and I would have to hand express as well as pump to get that amount. I have started taking lactation tea and lactation Aok as I had gone away for the weekend and my milk supply dropped right off, that's why I got the pump.
Today Saturday so 4 days of using the pump I expressed 210mls in 20 minutes! I am blown away!! I have never being able to pump this much and in that amount of time. Thank you so much!!

- Haylee Dumbar, NZ


These pumps are really amazing !! And so quiet! Used my pump for the first time today and got 100ml off one side!!! I could only ever express around 60ml with another brand so I'm pretty impressed with it so far!👌🍼

- Ashleigh Zwiers, NZ


"Wow, tried your pump this morning and it was amazing. I got 110mls in 10 mins from one side!!! And pain free (unlike my unimom which I will no longer use) thank you and will definitely be recommending to my mummy friends"

- Genevieve Goode, NZ


I took a leap of faith and ordered the breast pump after seeing the promotion recently. 

So I just wanted to say thank you SO MUCH. I couldn't believe my eyes after I first tried it. I usually pump around 130ml per session on a good day. 110ml on a bad day. The last few days have been bad days. It's been sweltering hot so I'm dehydrated and I'm stressed out with work. Your pump arrived and I couldn't be more excited to try it out. I pumped 180ml first try. I think I've only ever pumped that much once before and I was quite engorged at the time. I thought maybe that first pump was a fluke so last night I tried again and didn't do anything different (I use a Haakaa on the other breast while I pump). I pumped my regular 10min on each side and got 200ml!!! I couldn't believe my eyes and got slightly emotional. That's definitely the most I've ever pumped in one sitting. I didn't even have it on a high setting, only on level 4. 

I so wish I had this pump earlier. I went through hell and back when my baby was first born with recurring mastitis, blocked ducts, being depressed about constantly being tied to a pump (I used the big blue Medela Lactina for the first few months, good god!). Back then it was a miracle if I could even get 30ml. I'm so so soooo happy with my new pump I am raving about it to anyone who will listen. It's also such a beautiful, well designed pump. It looks awesome and doesn't scream BREAST PUMP when I leave it around the house. My husband didn't bat an eyelid and when I sat down to pump he was confused and said he thought it was a wifi box/internet router LOL.

I had to take a photographic evidence of my record yield :)  I keep opening the refrigerator and seeing the bottle in disbelief. 

Thank you again.

Sarah, NZ


Have just tried the breastpump for the first time and wow! Tried a few others a while back and they were all useless in comparison. Thank you!

Leoni Steenson, NZ


Firstly I never write reviews but this one is worth my time! When my baby was 3 weeks old I had supply issues due to tongue and lip ties and was told to use a breast pump after every feed to increase my supply. I am a first time Mum so had no prior knowledge of pumps, how they worked or what to expect. Unfortunately I went with well known brands thinking they must be the best...boy was I naive! For 10 weeks I used hand and electric  breast pumps from Haakaa, Unimom and Medela and had differing results. But none of them increased my supply. Then I tried the pump from Milkbar NZ and was shocked at how much extra milk I pumped. I put that down to the soft silicone flange which none of the other pumps had. I wish I had used this pump from the start.

Janine Post, NZ


"Got my pump last week, absolutely love it! My baby started daycare so I had to start regular pumping, after 3 days of using unimom I was sore and even somehow got a small tear..
5 days of using Milkbar pump it's been great, more effective and gentle at the same time. I can pump enough for the next day at the daycare and not freak out that my baby would go hungry as I don't have big freezer stash😳
Wish I bought it first but definitely worth the $$$ 
It is not super quiet but it's not a problem for me, probably the same level as unimom. 
And best part is that I can use it in the car or anywhere without the power point 😀"

Anna Redmond, NZ


"I just wanted to say how fantastic the Advanced flow pump is! I just pumped 180ml!! So glad I took a leap and purchased it. Thank you"

Natasha Anderson, NZ


"Pump is sensational, 15mins done, and service top notch i lost a part and help was super fast and friendly. Also bought the Arlette maternity dress which I loved - super comfortable and can be dressed smart or casual. Thanks team!"

Ursula Haywood , NZ


"Hey guys. I just wanted to drop yu a line and say how grateful I am and awesome your pumps are...i am a first time mum and due to very sensitive skin my boobies decided breast feeding was all a bit much BUT your pump is a God send and I'm pumping and freezing excess milk already my baby is a week old and like I said I'm a newbie to mother hood. I met yu at the baby show I don't expect yu to remember as the place was soooo busy. Any way thanks again milkbar for your pump and clothing I LOVE it all. One very happy customer. Robyn"

Robyn Nattrass, NZ


"I purchased the Milkbar Advanced Flow electric pump when my daughter decided to wean before I was ready. I started off hand expressing before switching to the pump, and I'm happy to say that my supply has doubled in a few weeks and my daughter is absolutely loving her glass of mummy milk each evening! 

The pump is incredibly easy to use - gentle on me and easy to clean, not to mention that it's quiet enough to have a conversation or watch a bit of TV while pumping. It's great that I can charge it up then have the freedom to pump anywhere - as a working mum that was a must feature for me. The different levels of suction are great as it allows me to change throughout my pumping session as needed, or just leave it on my usual setting."

Joanne Simpson, NZ


"I went back and forth for days about getting a breast pump or not, I knew I needed one for down the track when I go back to work with the intention that we're still breastfeeding in that distant future, not knowing that within 5 weeks I would be doubting myself, my ability and my supply already. It turns out my Son has a lip and tongue tie and we're waiting to get that corrected, in the mean time we have feeding issues, pain and advice coming out our ears. First, we were to start pumping and get it into him that way - easy I said! Right? Nope. After two days pumping with advent and unimom and a ratio of 30mls per 1 hour of pumping (and pain) I was about ready to pack it in, deciding that my supply was weak and I'm just not cut out for expressing. I took a long shot and bought the Milkbar pump, nothing to lose right? I cried for the first 13 minutes of use (I know this, it has a beautiful fancy timer on it) as within that time I had already expressed 100mls with 100% less pain, the comfort is overwhelming, the ease of use meant even my Husband could set it up while I sat and defiantly said it wasn't going to work. I'm so thankful for the beautiful Milkbar genius creators that have basically saved my entire breastfeeding journey, I'm telling everyone!"

Alice Hicks, NZ


After receiving the milk bar breast pump yesterday I came home to try it out....and it couldn't have come at a better time! I realised my supply was really low. I put this pump on one breast and my Medela swing on the other, and swapped sides every 5 minutes...the Medela pump drew out less than 2ml...the milk bar 40ml. And now 24 hours later, after expressing every 3 hours...I'm managing about 90ml. 
I will be recommending this product to everyone!! And putting my Medela swing into retirement. Great product!!!

Kirstin Rouse - NZ Midwife


"I absolutely love my breast pump.  The only thing I have found is the bottle is slightly on the small side (however Milkbar have mentioned we can change this for other compatible bottles).  I use it nearly every day and the battery is lasting so very well.   

The first time I used the pump it lasted from 26th august until the 14th september - such a long time considering I used it everyday.  I haven't charged it for a second time yet.  

The suction is fantastic, so strong, I don't think I've ever got past level 3! And I can express 180ml in 10 minutes which is just incredible.

Thanks for designing such a fantastic piece of equipment."

Lisa Powell, NZ


"It's day 2 of having the advanced flow pump and I am loving it! I am pumping much more milk than I was with the medela pump i had hired and it is so much more comfortable with the silicone. I was having to top up with formula as I wasn't keeping up but now I am nearly back to 100% EBM feeds. I also love that it can be used without being plugged in all the time and has a good range of suction levels. The only downside is that its a bit louder than the pump i was using but its 100% worth it for the results!"

Giverney Svensson, NZ


"Being a first time Mum I had no idea how important it was to find a decent breast pump! After running around after baby, cleaning, doing washing, doing more washing, and finally getting baby to sleep, I realised I needed a breast pump that could get successful results, be reliable, and simple to use. This breast pump definitely ticks all these boxes and more. My favourite - it's quiet! I can sit and watch TV and pump and not have an annoying buzzing noise in my ear! It's also portable! The excellent battery life on this pump means you're not tied to a chair! I think most Mums get scared off by breast pumps due to the uncomfortable and painful connotations associated with them. There are no worries at all with this pump. The padded suction cup is extremely comfortable and provides a soft gentle motion which produces excellent results. This is a top product. I would definitely recommend to any mum wanting a quality breast pump."

Lucy Seivwright - NZ.


"Purchased the advanced flow electric pump at the baby show and absolutely love it!! So very easy and convenient to use...highly recommend it to all new mums out there" 

Aarti Gosai Shingadia - NZ.


"I would totally recommend the pump, so easy to clean and so effective! I can get so much more milk than any other pump I have tried in such a short time! It's been such a life changer for us. I just got a full meal for bubs in 15 minutes #winning!"

It's also gentle on the boobs and I love being able to pump on the go - there have been a few times we have pumped while road tripping to see family !! Awesome"

Sarah-Lee Ryan - NZ.


"Easy to assemble and undo for cleaning, and fool proof to put together again. The phalanges fitted nicely and I didn't have any issues with the suction. The function buttons are simple and also easy to use. It has a timer on it so you know how long you've been pumping. The bottles have takeaway lids for easy of carriage, and I also liked the little compartments you can put them in so they don't tip over."

Katrina Whitney - NZ.

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