Milkbar Premium Care Double Electric Pump BUNDLE

Feeling overwhelmed with what you might need when you begin your breastfeeding and expressing journey? Here at Milkbar, we are making it easy by providing a pack with all you need to get started.

Our Milkbar Bundle comes with everything you need to express, collect, store and protect your breast milk. This pack includes:

1 x Premium Care Double Electric Breast Pump ($549)

1 x Milkbar Breast Milk Storage Bags ($25)

1 x Milkbar Premium Disposable Breast Pads ($9.99)

1 x Milkbar Silicone Breast Pump ($24.99)

1 x Milkbar Breast Milk Collection Shells ($29.99)

Total value of $638.97 for just $599!

All Bundles and Breast Pump Purchases also receive a FREE Breastmilk Storage Guide Fridge Magnet as our handy gift to you xx