Milkbar Portable Bottle Warmer

Safely warm up your Breastmilk or Formula with our new Portable Bottle Warmers!

Do you spend time in the middle of the night heating up bottles & forever trying to get the temperature right?

Are you sick of having to ask the café for a jug of hot water so you can make sure your milk is the right temperature when you're out & about? 

Well, say goodbye to that because now with our new Portable Bottle Warmers you simply fill up your bottle with your expressed breastmilk or water for formula & attach it to the warmer. Set the temperature & in just a few minutes, your bottle will be the perfect temperature for your baby!

This unit can be used with it's rechargeable battery for portable or use plugged into power as you need or for longer warming time.

Compatible with most bottle brands using our handy adapters - Shop Here

Available adapters: