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Sizing is important when it comes to comfort and effectiveness during pumping. While we try to provide the most 'common' sizes with the breast pumps, sometimes a different size is required.

For a quick ruler guide Download our Suction Kit Sizing Guide here. This can be printed and used to assist you find your best fit.

Signs you might need a larger size:

  • You are unable to centre your nipple i.e have it inside the tunnel without it touching the sides
  • You feel your nipple is uncomfortable and rubbing against the side of the nipple tunnel during pumping
  • Your nipple is unable to move freely with the pumping motion
  • Your nipple is being strongly compressed by the 3 phase motion to a feeling of discomfort or pinching

Signs you might need a smaller size:

  • An excessive amount of your areola is being drawn into the nipple tunnel
  • You experience a painful tugging feeling
  • Your nipple is reaching the end of the nipple tunnel while pumping
  • You can hear air moving or 'sucking' inside the nipple tunnel
  • You are not experiencing compression of the nipple with the 3 phase motion
Sizing Guidelines
We recommend having 2-4mm of space surrounding your entire nipple for optimal fit. You can find your size by measuring the diameter of the base of your nipple, then adding 4-6mm to find the nearest size, if between sizes, it is recommended to go for the larger size.


15mm diameter base of nipple, add 4-6mm, nearest = 21mm

20mm diameter base of nipple, add 4-6mm, nearest = 25mm

23mm diameter base of nipple, add 4-6mm, nearest = 29mm

What's Included

Full Kits
Our Milkbar Suction Kits are compatible with Milkbar Advanced Flow Breast Pumps. The kit is sold together and includes:

  • 1 x Dust Cover
  • 1 x Silicone Cushion
  • 1 x Plastic Brace
  • 1 x Diaphragm
  • 1 x Breast Pump Body
  • 1 x Cap and Plug
  • 1 x Valve Body
  • 1 x Valve Membrane (unless duckbill design)


Our inserts are a new, cost effective option should you be unsure of what size you require or if you wish to replace your silicone piece frequently.

The inserts come in sizes 21, 25 and 29mm. They include only the silicone cushion, and they all fit into the suction kit casing received with the double pump.

If you wish to purchase each size to try alongside the breast pumps, you may choose the option of the Double or Single bundle accordingly.

(Double Bundle = 2 x 21mm and 2 x 29mm inserts)

(Single Bundle = 1 x 25mm Full Kit and 1 x 29mm insert)

Do I need anything else?

The size 22mm is the size included with the Single Breast Pump. The design has a traditional Milkbar Advanced Flow Membrane pictured below. Time to time (depending on frequency of use and cleaning) these will need replacing to maintain optimal suction and are available to purchase online for $4.99.

The size 21, 25 and 29mm suction kits are a new, 'all in one' design and do not have a traditional valve and membrane so no spare parts are required.

The size 25mm is included with the Double Breast Pump.

Please see our sizing chart below.

Generally our clothing is true to size and we recommend that you choose your usual size in our pieces. Specific fit notes will be in the description for each piece. If you have any questions at all regarding the sizing of a style, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Size Bust Waist Hip
Bust (cm)
Waist (cm)
Hips (cm)
X Small (8-10)
Small (10-12)
Medium (12-14)
Large (14-16)
X Large (16-18)

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Jenna M.
New Zealand
I recommend this product

Saved me precious time!

The electric double breast pump has quite honestly saved me so much time as I returned to work fulltime when baby was 4.5 months old. I was determined to give him breastmilk fulltime at least until he started eating solids and with this pump I am able to. It enables me to express a full bottle in half the time that I was doing previously. And it doesn’t pinch or hurt my nipple like my previous pump did. Highly recommend getting the pump bra too so you have your hands free to get breakfast ready, have a coffee, browse social media, all whilst pumping! I love it! I also had to buy a smaller size pump as one breast is smaller than the other. But you don’t know these things until you buy it and test it out. I didn’t mind paying an extra bit of money to get the smaller size.

New Zealand
I recommend this product

Suction kit

This is the older style and to be honnest its not as good as the newer version i would not recomend this particular product. The flange has fallen off on me while pumping and i nearly lost all my milk,it has more parts and i just find it frustraiting to use. I would however recomend the newer version its amazing, easy to clean and use.

I recommend this product

Amazing flange ( suction kit)

This flange is amazing I have never been able to get so much milk before. This morning I got 300mls! This is amazing as before I use to only get enough in the morning for bubs.

Anonymous verified customer review of Milkbar Advanced Flow Suction Kit