"It alleviated my anxiety and sadness that I couldn’t produce enough milk to feed my little girl.
So I will forever scream your praises"
- S. C. Tavioni, NZ

Exclusively Expressing for 21 Months with Milkbar

Emma Bonser ~ Australia

” I LOVE my Milkbar Breast Pump!

I originally came across the Milkbar Advanced Flow Breast Pump on a Facebook Ad when I was struggling with my previous pump, I was unable to maintain supply without also taking Motilium everyday.My daughter is exclusively fed expressed breastmilk, but I haven’t had any problems with supply using this pump, even now 21 months in!

I struggled with my old pump, it was uncomfortable, I suffered friction burns and I often had to hand massage while using it too. My Milkbar Pump is far more effective at pumping my milk and I don’t have to give myself a helping hand anymore. I got the pumping bra too so now I can just sit back and watch TV while the Pump does it’s thing.

Even though I'm exclusively pumping I’ve managed to build quite a substantial milk stash too, so much so that my freezer has no room for anything else. The Silicone flange is far more comfortable and the battery life is amazing allowing me to travel from Sydney to London without needing to recharge it.

Type 1 Diabetic & Successfully Breastfeeding with the help of Milkbar

Being a first time mum, my ultimate goal was to make it to 6 months of breastfeeding my baby. You see, I am a type 1 diabetic, and I was told by Doctors, Nurses and even friends that diabetics can’t breastfeed.. Boy, with the help of the Milkbar Breast Pump could I prove them wrong.

I met Laura, the owner of Milkbar during our stay in NICU as she was in our nursery with her son too, and while we were there with her I learnt a bit about her breast pump as we were pumping all the time!

After coming home from NICU with my son I was using another brand pump and didn’t feel like I was producing as much as I could have been so I purchased the Milkbar pump. I halved my time pumping and almost doubled my breast milk per pumping session. I went from spending 20 minutes each side on the other pump and only getting 80ml, to spending only 10 minutes on each side and getting 150ml!

I would recommend this pump for any first time mum - Thank you Milkbar breast pump!!”

After being able to successfully bf baby/now toddler no.1 we assumed no.2 would be just as easy. Unfortunately it wasn't meant to be. Following a very stressful start with NICU and a haemorrhage leading to a drop in supply, topped off with lip and tongue ties and a high palate my munchkin wasn't able to breastfeed effectively. This gutted me especially when the Toddler was still feeding (1 saving grace). Personally I wanted to try all I could before heading down the formula path. So the next step was to try and boost my supply and express milk for bottle feeding. A friend highly recommended a milk bar pump and after a visit to Laura's stall at the baby expo I was sold. My baby is now almost 5 months old is growing well and I'm only having to pump twice a day and getting 500-600ml in 20min! It's a super comfortable and completely portable pump which is high on the list if you are wanting to exclusively pump. Thank you so much for helping me find a way to get my little man hisliquid gold x

— Anjel Jones, New Zealand

Exclusively Pumping and also able to donate her excess breast milk.

I started pumping every so often so my partner could also feed my wee boy.

It became very convenient to pump and my son would take the bottle so easily that he ended up preferring it over time so now i exclusively pump full time.

I'm creating a stash to not only feed him but to also donate if i find that my supply doesn't shorten (I'm starting to get told off for taking up too much freezer space).

My experience with the pump has been amazing. I first borrowed one from a friend to try out but wasn't long before i purchased one for myself. Quite often i can make two full bottles from one pumping session. The supply in thepicture is only around 1.5 months worth!

"Recently I became a mother of two to a five year old active boy and a now 4 week old newborn baby
girl. Since the gap between both kids isn’t exactly small, I once again found myself with the challenge of
having to adapt to life raising another little fully dependent human being whist recovering from labour
that required more post partum care than my previous.
I had always believed in both the nutritional as well as health and well-being benefits that breastfeeding
can provide for little babies so I was determined that provided there were no complications/supply
issues, I was always going to breastfeed my children for at least the first few months of their lives to
provide them with the best nutrients possible naturally and assist their little immune systems despite
how hard and time-consuming breastfeeding can be.
With my first child I was exclusively breastfeeding for six months and toward the last 4 months I was
finding that my baby was preferring to feed on one side as opposed to the other side that had a faster
flow. As the demand for one side grew, supply on the other was diminishing so I invested in some time
each day to pump that side with a single manual pump. The pumping itself took ages and made me abit
sore and I went from pumping 90mls each time and that gradually reduced over time until I can barely
get 20mls in 20 mins so I stopped altogether and just feed exclusively on one side which was a mistake
on my behalf.
With this second one, I was once again determined to breastfeed exclusively and once again find that
one boob was being preferred over the other. For the first two weeks I was pumping the non preferred
side with the same branded single electric pump but found it time consuming and I had to pump with it
plugged in as the separate battery pack wasn’t appealing to me to use. It took about 20 -30 mins to
pump 20 to 30 mls so I had to find a better resource to invest in as the expressed milk was a great way
for my husband to feed and bond with our baby and spared me some time when I need to do things but
amongst the challenges of house chores and another demanding kid, I can’t afford to waste any
precious minutes sitting there pumping away for half an hour each time. My sister who became a new
mum recently was happily and efficiently building up her milk supply so she introduced me to the
Milkbar Advanced Flow double pump. I decided to invest in it based on her rave reviews so I was
pleasantly surprised as I was pumping the same amount in 10 mins with no pain whatsoever the first
time I used it. As my milk supply had slightly increased since, I’m still using the pump mainly for one side
and can now get almost 100mls from just that one side whist my baby feeds on the other and the whole
process take about 15 mins which saves me a lot of time and pain. The system itself is very easy to use,
the pack is portable, the battery long lasting and the pump itself is very comfortable so I would
completely recommend this pump to any new mums wishing to save time and effort so they can spend
more quality minutes with their precious little ones since they grow up way too fast!"

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