Ultimate Single Bundle!

Bundle up all your Breastfeeding must have's and SAVE!

SAVE $35 when compared to buying items separately!

Our Milkbar Ultimate Bundle comes with everything you need to get pumping and sterilising! This pack includes:

1 x Milkbar UV Steriliser ($249)

1 x Milkbar Advanced Flow Single Electric Breast Pump ($299)

1 x Milkbar Breast Milk Storage Bags ($25)

1 x 52 Pack Milkbar Premium Disposable Breast Pads ($15)

1 x FREE Breastmilk Storage Guide Fridge Magnet

1 x FREE Breast Pump Kit/Flange Size Guide

Single Breast Pump

Is the single pump as powerful as the double?

Yes both our single and double have the same powerful motor - the only difference between the two is that the double has 2x motors to power each side separately.

What is the battery life for the single pump?

The single pump battery will last 3hrs per charge.

Which suction kit is included?

Our current stock of single breast pumps come with our Original Kit size 22mm - these kits are are most loved kit. We know that occasionally mum's may need a different size, so we offer several options - here is a link to our suction kit blog which explains a bit more in depth about each kit we offer and how to find the best one for you.

What bottles can I use?

We sell larger versions of the bottles that come with the double pump - they are available here.

We also sell 120ml collection bottles made of PPSU, a honey toned bottle made with hospital standard material with the ability to withstand high temperatures without breaking down, or absorbing smell or clouding. They are available here.

Avent bottles are also compatible with our pumps. Narrow neck Medela + Tommee Tippee also work with our included adapter. For the closer to nature Tommee Tippee bottles an adapter can be purchased from Tommee Tippee which will help them fit our pumps.

Whats the best way to sterilise my pump?

We highly recommend a gentle wash in warm soapy water then sterilise via our new UV steriliser! It is a simple method, and safe with no hot water or timing involved, it is also gentle on all of your pump parts and leaves them dry for next time! Steam sterilisers can also be used, as well as submerging in boiling water for 5min or milton tablets.

Do I need a pumping bra?

A pumping bra can be a life saver! Making you hands free and able to multitask - a pumping bra is a wonderful addition to your pumping kit. You can see our range of pump bras here.

UV Steriliser

How many items can I fit in at once?

The steriliser has a generous 7L capacity, allowing for up to 6 large bottles, or two suction kits and two bottles in at once. It also fits snuggly's, reusable nappies, toys, cellphones and more!

How long does it take to sterilise?

For a quick sterilisation using the sterilise only mode (not drying) it is only 11min! To Dry and Sterilise your items the cycle is just 41min long!

What comes in the box with the steriliser, do I need anything else?

Our steriliser comes with everything you need! You will find a spare filter and easy to read instruction manual inside your steriliser box too.

How often will I need to replace the filter and UV lamp?

We recommend changing the filter every 3-6 months depending on usage, and the lamp every 18 months. These can be purchased from our website and are simple to change at home.

What height bottles can fit inside?

The steriliser has a 17cm height allowance for items inside the unit.

Is it easy to use?

The easiest! Forget about boiling water, chemical tablets and steamy droplets covering your items. Simply put the items you want sterile and dry into your steriliser, close the lid and select the desired function (we LOVE auto), and walk away. When it comes time to use your items again they will be bone dry, sterile and ready to use.

What kind of compliance and certification does it have?

How do I safely sterilise my phone and other electronics?

Use the STERILISE function for phones and anything electronic. Do not use the dry function for these items.

What kind of wash do I need to give my items before putting them in?

We recommend washing breast pump parts and bottles in hot soapy water to break down fatty milk residue, then rinsing and shaking off any excess water before putting inside the steriliser.